Author: TrollJizz

Just do it

Go to the upcoming. Go to most popular. Go to page 4-7. Upvote the shit out of all the good ones.

It’s just so awesome!

Yeahh I totally just ran out into the pouring rain in flip flops and a tank top and started dancing in the Denny's parking lot.. bitch I'm high. And I love the rain. Quit pointing.

Fuck you cop. Cuz I’m a ninja.

I was hitting my pipe on the way to school today and just as I cleared it I saw a cop in my right mirror. Scared shitless,I quickly inhaled through clenched teeth and stealthily lowered my piece into a compartment below the center console all while keeping my eyes on the road and holding in a massive throat tingling hit. Out of the corner of red watery eyes I watched him slowly approach beside me, linger in my blind spot, and then speed off, weaving in and out of traffic...Yeah, the only way I can verbalize what I felt as I exhaled, loosened my death grip on the steering wheel, and laughed until it turned into a wheezing cough, is victorious. Victorious and incredibly fucking stoned.

This should be a stoner networking site as well

So you can friend certain people and see the new highdeas they've posted. And there would be a specific news feed or bulletin board for your state or area so you could post shit like Yo there's a bad ass show goin on at blahblah right now" or "I'm having a massive smoke sesh everyone roll through!" And then you could actually hang out with other highdears that live where you do! That would be awesome."

A word of caution:

Don't read highdeas while you're munchin out. I mean, you can but you might end up picking remnants of lucky charms out of your keyboard for months because you forgot to swallow before you laughed.

God must have been stoned

God had to have been so high when he made jack in the box.. I mean where the fuck else can you eat a fat hamburger, a breakfast burrito and an oreo shake and then follow it up with a teriyaki bowl, tacos and a grilled cheese sandwich?? At 3 in the morning!!! I just wish they made how epic would that be


Do any of you ever get that feeling when you're super high where you just look around and you're hit with that profound notion that life is fucking incredible and you're just so goddamn lucky to be alive? I love that. I hope I never become one of those people who don't know how to appreciate the little things.. One love.

I have a theory.

I think most stoners started out as loners then we were all united by something magical. Never to be alone again. I'm fucking blitzed.