Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of my highDEAS are 15.8 upvotes. That took me forever to calculate...I'm not sure it was worth whatever.

Something I like to do…

So I'm kind of weird, I was bourn with all my internal organs on the opposite side of where they normally are. So for example my heart is on the right side and so on and so forth. So when I meet new stoners and hang out smoke a few bowls I tell them I don’t have a heart and let them try and feel it beating. When they don’t they freak out and its hilarious. Afterwards I end up telling them the truth, so yeah... Oh by the way if you wanna know what the condition that causes the internal organs to be switched its called Situs Inversus... Yeah...

The Workshop

Has anyone else ever bought a ton of weed with their friends took all their bowls they own and pack them all, then go around the table like they are individual stations till all the weed is gone? We called ours the Reptar Work Shop. Cause Reptar was green. After which we were Reptarded.

Hemp Cars

So next year in canada theyre releasing a car whos entire body will be made of hemp. Its going to be called the Kestrel electric car. Now I know for sure what im going to buy for my first car

The Gateway Drug Theory..

Saying that since all heroin addicts usually start with marijuana to try and prove that all marijuana users will begin using heroin is kinda like saying since Hitler used amphetamines, everyone who uses Adderall is going to start a mass genocide.

Harry Potter

Oh how i wish i had that invisible cloak and just hotbox the shit out of it, then come out like a magician.

shout out

to all the people that make sure they pick up every microscopic piece of weed off the table to not waste any


should make an app that uses your location and tells u where the nearest dealer is.