Author: highdeas

Awesome Mom

I just woke up from a long ass nap and it was 10 p.m. instead of looking i assumed my mom was home and in bed. So i broke out my stash and smoked some. Then next thing i new my garage door was opening and my mom and brother came in. My mom comes in and says what smells like shit. I was like im not sure i just took a dump that might be it. Then she goes in my room and says were you smoking pot?" So i told her yea and then she put in the movie "The Doors" great movie. Then she went to bed."

Harry Potter

Oh how i wish i had that invisible cloak and just hotbox the shit out of it, then come out like a magician.

Generous people.

So I was at McDonald's with my friends and I ordered my food. I was standing there waiting for my change. They told me that they were a penny short to give me. I told them not to worry about it. But then some nice little old lady comes up to me and gives me a penny. She also says Take this. You will never know when you will need it!" I love generous people."

be considerate

because every action you take no matter how small will affect more people than just yourself.

One of the things I’m looking forward to with legalization…

Is all the badass shit ThinkGeek will start selling. Think about it, they'll probably start selling weed flavored mints, little lighters that clip on to your bowls(ones possibly shaped like Charmander. Fuck yeah), USB lighters, AND even the Hit-o-Meter that everyone talks about. I am very excited about this shit.

The Word Boob

Boob is the perfect word. the B looks like an aerial view of them, the 2 o's look like the front view, and the b looks like a side view.

Who ever…

mixed coco puffs and peanut butter captian cruch and created reeses puffs...can we get that guy a nobel prize


Saw my D.A.R.E Officer from 5th grade today and thought to myself, suck at your job.

Ash Wednesday?

I know what happened! They translated the bible wrong and it's actually supposed to be Hash Wednesday! So smoke up and praise God for the awesome day!

Stoners are the nicest people anywhere.

I had class last semester with this one girl who was pretty cool, and we'd occasionally talk, and we only ever smoked together once, but today when I was walking back to my dorm room with my food I saw her and she pulled me aside and handed me a small nugget just for being me. It was awesome. Yet another reason why stoners are the best people in the world. Now I'm going to smoke this little nug to celebrate the awesomeness of being a stoner and having awesome friends that are stoners too. :D


My next appointment is on April 20th. Guess I can check going to the dentist high" off of my list of shit to do."