Long, but possibly worth the time.

This is a texting conversation that me and my little sister had after I smoked her up for the second time

Me:U high as me right now?

Sister:I don’t know. Maybe? It depends on a number of factors. How much it affects us when we do it, how big our hits were, ect. My feet ticke to the extreme and i feel like my body is being cartwhealed to the right and i feel like there is too much gravity. My calves deal like they are being poked. Ugh. And i keep forgetting what i’m trying to say, which is weird he you thought about the size of this text, the content of which shows my obvious state of mind, health and body. Wow. If i move my phone i can see the phantom path of the light. My mouth is really dry. Wow sorry this is weird. I’m shutting up now.

Me:Hahahahahahhahaahaha yeah. You’re high

Sister:I can’t stop twitching I feel like a dog running in their sleep

Me:its chill baby sister. Totally chill.

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