Author: lichty

Secret to Great Abs

I always seem to start laughing at something and then I forget what I'm laughing at and I think that's funny so I laugh more. Instant abs

I Have a Warrant For My Arrest.

Because I forgot to mail in a $20 fine I got for having bud on me. What. The. Fuck. I think the court system really needs to get their priorities straightened out. A warrant because I missed $20 bucks?? Come on. Put warrants out for the people who actually deserve it like murderers and rapists.

Hey HighDEAS! Here’s a suggestion:Comments

I think that reading peoples comments is sometimes more entertaining than the actual highdea. Its also a great way for fellow stoners to reach out to others. It feels like the only way we can actually communicate now, so I think it would be beneficial to the site and its users if there was like a notification that told you someone commented instead of having to click on your old highdeas to see if there's any new comments. Thank you!

High Talk

I was talking with one of my friends after an awesome toke sesh and this is how the conversation went, Lance:Batteries are so overdramatic don't you think? Me:How the hell are they overdramatic? Lance:Because if you think about it, other shit just breaks, batteries die. Both: ahahahahahahhahaha.

Long, but possibly worth the time.

This is a texting conversation that me and my little sister had after I smoked her up for the second time Me:U high as me right now? Sister:I don't know. Maybe? It depends on a number of factors. How much it affects us when we do it, how big our hits were, ect. My feet ticke to the extreme and i feel like my body is being cartwhealed to the right and i feel like there is too much gravity. My calves deal like they are being poked. Ugh. And i keep forgetting what i'm trying to say, which is weird he you thought about the size of this text, the content of which shows my obvious state of mind, health and body. Wow. If i move my phone i can see the phantom path of the light. My mouth is really dry. Wow sorry this is weird. I'm shutting up now. Me:Hahahahahahhahaahaha yeah. You're high Sister:I can't stop twitching I feel like a dog running in their sleep Me:its chill baby sister. Totally chill.

Oh, my dear mother,

I just hotboxed your walk in closet with my little sister (your daughter). I hope you don't mind. And just FYI, no a skunk did not spray your clothes. That's just weed.

Thinking In Tongues!

Even though there's all these different languages in the world, what if we all think in this like.. same universal language but we don't even realize it?

New life changing invention

I just toked up and then hopped in the shower, and while I was chillin in the shower, enjoying the hot water massaging my back, so relaxed I almost fell asleep, and then LIGHT BULB! What if someone invented a blanket that felt just like you were in the shower but you didn't get wet. Only 5 easy payments of $19.99. Sounds like a deal to me.

Before Toilet Paper.

Oh my god I can't even imagine. Would people just rake up a bunch of leaves? Or did they just not wipe? What happened if they had the runs?? Yucck