interesting facts about crows you may not know

– crows can scavage twice their body weight in food each day

– crows will fight anyone if they see another crow in a fight. Even though they may not know said crow in the fight.

– crows have funerals for their dead comrades in which hundreds of crows from all around attend.

– crows have a lot of sex and dont need to try very hard to get some tail.

Anyone else feel that animals are just Fucking with us? Like they are completely satisfied with where they are on the evolutionary chain? Crows live a sweet life. All they do is eat, go to crow fights and funerals, and get crow poon all day.

Oh and PS. I did not tell you this so you could take a dead crow and chuck it at some unexpecting kid than watch a swarm of crows attack the kid. As funny as that sounds, I’m totally against crow cruelty.

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