I am a stonerr

I vow to always inhale allll the way.
I vow to always pass it to the left.
I vow to never double hit the bowl, unless of course its a blunt or joint, in which case i shall puff twice then proceed to pass.
I vow to never step into a rotation right before the person who should get it next.
I vow to never steal a brother stoners lighter… On purpose at least.
I vow to always do my best to find the owner and return the lighter, shall i accidentally steal one.
I vow to always make sure the windows are all the way up in the car while we smoke in there.
I vow to always change the bong water in my bong before it looks like mud.
I vow to never get the end of the blunt or joint completely drenched in my saliva.
I vow that the conversation will always be interesting, and the food always delicious.
I vow to always do as i have vowed, cuz im a stoner, and thats how we roll 😉

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