cloud 9 poem

original poetry by ME. didnt copy this shit from anywhere, i straight up wrote this when i was super baked. enjoy 🙂

hello friend, would you like a toke?
oh no thanks, i do not smoke.
you do not smoke? what do you mean? you have never tried the sticky green?
i can say that i have not, for i have fear of getting caught.
its no big deal. its only pot, & by whom do you fear of getting caught?
by grandma, grandpa, moms, & pops.. teachers, coaches, & the cops!
the cops dont care, its not like murder, & wat mom doesnt know wont hurt her. lets toke up now, we dont have long to live.
but isnt it bad for you?
yes, but a shit, i do not give.
well yeah, okay, i guess your right.
so.. lets get really high tonight!
really high?
yes my friend, high like a kite, but dont be afraid, the clouds dont bite.
okay im down, but just this once.
but once never really means just once, smoked one, than two, than three whole blunts!
i dont think ive ever felt this way, all my problems just flew away. my bodys relaxed, my mind has been cleared, & all the pain has disappeared. i cant think straight, but im feeling fine. dude, where am i?
your on cloud 9.

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