Author: ilovetheganja

having conversations with non-high people when your high

feels like being in a trippy movie that zooms in and out of focus of the conversation. Like one minute I'm completely invested in what someones saying and the next minute I have forgotten what I was so interested in so I am stuck pretending to listen to them when I'm completely lost.

how to get a stoner girlfriend

Personally, i'm always high as fuck so I don't even consider hitting on a guy cause i'm so wrapped up in my stoner thoughts. I'm guessing guys are the same way? This sucks since we're all horny!! So guys, i made the steps that one could take to easily land a stoner girlfriend (at least it would work for me): 1. sit next to her 2. say hey and smile 3. tell her she smells good 3. ask her to smoke a bowl 4. go to your car together 5. take shots 6. fuck 7. smoke a bowl 8. have philosophical convo 9. fuck 10. smoke a bowl and there you have it, your new stoner girlfriend.