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I find the concept of traffic so weird. like there are 1000's of cars on this highway with everyone trying to get where theyre going as fast as possible, and everyone just habitually organizes themselves in straight lines without touching each other

Inspired by listening to your dog’s heartbeat” by stoner10094″

This highdea talks about how dogs are just as alive as us, but they have no idea what really goes on in the world. Dogs are only aware of the little world around them like you, your house, their dog food, the park, squirrels etc. and they dont have any idea about human's lives and what really goes on. Well how do we know that there isnt more that goes on around us than what we are aware of? what if there was like another dimension of reality on earth that we as humans cannot perceive. We just go about our life like dogs, but have no idea what could really be going on out there.

Reggae music

Reggae is probably my favorite kind of music but did anyone ever notice they just sing about rastafarianism and Jah, and other religious things? Its almost like reggae is the christian rock of jamaica... except its acually good and people actually listen to it


Does anybody else even use the word doobie" anymore? i never hear anyone say it anymore but its definitely the best word ever for joint. i mean joint is just such a lame word. We should bring "doobie" back. now if you'll excuse me i'm gonna go smoke a doobie"

I figured it out

i've finally figured out the past tense of wake and bake. and its not retarded-ass woke and boke. get ready... Woke and Toked. ex: this morning me and my friend woke and toked, and i got so baked i figured out the past tense of wake and bake.

Ok, Thats it!

If i see one more highdea about putting weed seeds in the microwave and popping into nugs im gonna... well i dont know what ill do, ill probably just smoke another bowl. but seriously, its been posted at least 20 times and its not original or clever... even though it WOULD be awesome


Anyone else notice that the only snorgtees girl that isnt hot is the one with the shirt that says, meh". perfect haha. you see all these hot girls and then all the sudden one pops up and you're like..."meh""

Back to the future 2

That movie is based in the year 2015, and they have flying cars and hover-boards, and giant hologram sharks that pretend to eat you. Its 2010 now. You dont have much time, scientists, get on that shit!


sometimes i like to just go to some random persons highdeas account and upvote all their highdeas. I know just one vote doesn't do much good on all of someones old highdeas that never got a chance to be read by enough people to publish them... but whatever it just makes me feel good to think I probably made some high person somewhere smile :)

Lucky numbers 4, 2, 0

The other day i was eating some chinese food and i decided to roll another J, but i couldnt find anything to roll into the roach... then I ate a fortune cookie, and the fortune read: sometimes in order to succeed, you must use things differently then they were intended to be used... so I rolled it up into a perfect roach and put it in the end of my J

It will bring you great fortune

well everyone knows that chinese food is awesome. but anyway, I had just finished my chinese feast and I was rolling another joint, but I couldnt find anything to use as a roach... then i ate a fortune cookie. My fortune read: sometimes in order to succeed, you must use your resources differently than they were intended to be used... so i rolled it into a roach and put it in the end of my j.