Author: HighGuy11

Its the new craze: Tokemon!

i want to invent a game like pokemon but its all about weed. Its gonna be called Tokemon, and the dudes name is gonna be Hash, and all his Tokemon are gonna be named shit like Pottish (Ottish) Chronix (Onix). theres also gonna be Cheifachu and Friachu, Budsprout Weepingbud and Victreebud, and Bowlbasaur Highvysaur and Weedasaur. haha if u can think of any more comment!

Tie Die: Lord of shirts

Tie die is awesome cuz its the only kind of shirt that u can spill shit on and it doesn't even matter. is that a ketchup stain?" "nah its just part of the tie die""

In The Future

when weed is legal, were gonna be driving on the highway and go past a bunch of cannabis farms instead of corn fields and shit

Our brains were designed to get high

The way we get high is the THC from weed binds to the Cannabinoid receptors in our brains. That's right, our brains are naturally designed to receive cannabis. Take THAT government, we were made to get baked