Author: Gizmodo

if weed isnt legal in 5 years,

im gonna buy an island (money is an issue) and have every person on this website visit me whenever just so we can smoke freely whenever the fuck you can spend the night/live there too

mind blowing

not too long, but it changed how i see life...could change the way you see it too so scientists did this test on electrons and found out that a pair of electrons will react simultaneously to one another no matter how far away they are even if they are 10 billion miles away. this is supposed to be impossible because nothing can break the speed of light, but they proved this wrong. after several other tests, they concluded that these electrons, along with every other atom in our entire universe, is connected with everything. we just cant see this because we can only see in the third dimension and this is only visible in the fifth dimension. confused? let me try to simplify this; they used an example like looking at the front view and side view of a fish tank through two different television screens. at first, you wouldn't realize that the fish in the tank is the same fish even though it is on different screens. after a while of watching the fish mimic the movements of the fish on the other screen (just at a different view) you would start to see how these fish are connected or the same thing. scientists came to the conclusion after these experiments that our world is actually a hologram being projected towards us. nothing we see is actually there but it is just our brains creating the image we see before us this means that the world as we view it, is just what our brain can imagine it to be, but there are millions of things right before your eyes that you could not even dream to think of. idk about you, but after i read about this, i was a changed man


when you have headphones on: you turn the music up sober it sounds like the volume is going up you turn the music up when youre high and it sounds like the music is coming closer towards you. anybody else?

driving through taco bell

Here's how it went. Me, 'alright, I have 10 bucks so I'd like a $5 box and 2 crunchy burritos. No actually 3...wait, 4. Actually, ill have as many crunchy burritos as the other $5 will buy.' Cashier dude, 'want me to throw in 2 free cina-twists?' Me, 'that would just be wonderful'

my parents caught me smoking again

and said if they catch me once more, im going to this boarding school in colorado thats like catching me drinking and saying as punishment theyre sending me to college

tell me you wouldnt wanna ride this.

A ferris wheel. But its gigantic and half of it is in the air, the other half is under water. You start in the middle (ground level) By the way...the cabins (idk what to call them) are water proof. It's not like you'd drown or anything


I was debating over whether I should open my monster up or not because I didn't want to spill it. I thought, 'I'm not high enough to spill it.' Yeah I spilled it. I'm not sure how I made this story that long?

rip yoda

Had a beautiful green frosted bong with 2 shroom ice catchers that my parents found and smashed that I named Yoda. Was my first piece I've ever bought and when my friends wanted to use it they'd have to talk like Yoda to ask to smoke from it. Yoda was my child and now he's gone. Just wanna say rip man I don't care if this is published I just wanted to make it public

beef jerkey

i just got a head ache because i was chewing too aggressively on a piece of beef jerkey...completely worth it

dear highdeas guy,

this site really doesn't need to be 'under maintenance' all of the time. its already pretty badass. if you do need to make all of these changes, could you do so around 2 AM on a wednesday or something? much appreciated from, basically everyone here


i think theyre just having like wild sex in my pocket, that would explain all of the knots