mind blowing

not too long, but it changed how i see life…could change the way you see it too

so scientists did this test on electrons and found out that a pair of electrons will react simultaneously to one another no matter how far away they are even if they are 10 billion miles away. this is supposed to be impossible because nothing can break the speed of light, but they proved this wrong. after several other tests, they concluded that these electrons, along with every other atom in our entire universe, is connected with everything. we just cant see this because we can only see in the third dimension and this is only visible in the fifth dimension.

confused? let me try to simplify this;

they used an example like looking at the front view and side view of a fish tank through two different television screens. at first, you wouldn’t realize that the fish in the tank is the same fish even though it is on different screens. after a while of watching the fish mimic the movements of the fish on the other screen (just at a different view) you would start to see how these fish are connected or the same thing.

scientists came to the conclusion after these experiments that our world is actually a hologram being projected towards us. nothing we see is actually there but it is just our brains creating the image we see before us

this means that the world as we view it, is just what our brain can imagine it to be, but there are millions of things right before your eyes that you could not even dream to think of. idk about you, but after i read about this, i was a changed man

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