Author: dubmaster20sack

stoner precision

today i was getting gas and i checked my account and i had 12 bucks in my checking account. so i go to the pump and when it gets around $11.50, i slow down, pump it a little, stop, little more, until it was at $12.00. i stared at the price, then the gallons, then back at the price. i squeeze the tiniest pump possible and watch the gallons go up like .002 and it stayed at 12 bucks. that, my friends, is called stoner precision.


imagine you are an alcoholic and have never heard of weed. (imaginary )you: im miserable me: dude, thats cuz ur an alcoholic you: i can't help it, i need it me: smoke this blunt 5 mins later you: this shit is way better than alcohol! i feel great but i can walk and talk and think clearly! me: yea. and instead of killing you, it like cures cancer and shit. you: stfu mate. thats sick. me: ya, and the stem of the plant is like the strongest cheapest form of rope on the planet. you: (speechless) ***EPIC HIGH-FIVE***

live off the land

fuck this society work work work i just want to move somewhere where i can live off the land, grow some weed, have a little farm for food, get a group of like 300 stoners and just chill and play music all day WHOS WITH ME

so my roommate makes fun of me for smoking

saying that it makes me dumb and what not. too bad his dumb ass is still asleep and missed our 8am class. i just got really baked at 9 o clock and passed out and woke up feeling like a million bucks. and u missed a pop quiz faggot

true smokers

we all know them... down for a bowl 24/7 and i mean 24 fucking 7... always down for one more bowl, because they have been there too many times where seshes have been cut short. always has weed, never trips on sharing it unless they are broke as fuck, and always have great stories. Can also smoke forever without getting too stoned.


how many people truly believe weed has made your life better? now, as a stoner, do you wish you never smoked or are you happy with how your life is? downvote=wish i never smoked upvote=love sokin the herb and will never stop