Author: Bwolf7988

Picture this

A yellow school bus speeding in and out through traffic and arnold schwarzenegger is driving it and through the back window you see george bush staring at you with a dead serious look on his face flicking you off. Asking someone to do a blindfolded taste test of two different beverages but then have one of the cups be filled with bong water and Everclear. A giant snake trying to drive a car. A cleaning service ran by a bunch of trained ninjas who you can never see but cleaned the fuck out of your house all day, everyday. Walking into a church in the middle of mass, dressed as Jesus, telling everyone you are back. A horse with only two back legs eating a live goat while the goat just stares at you chewing hay. A butt-ass naked elf asking you for a cigarette.


I have a paper due tomorrow and a test tomorrow that I should be studying for but I'm really high and on highdeas instead and about to smoke a volcano vaporizer...==> Procrastablazing...

A Bug’s Life

So i wake up early this morning and i go out for a cigarette. As im sitting on my stoop i notice 3 little ants carrying another ant on top of them... i couldnt help but think that these 4 ants must have been out partyin all night long and now they're carrying their drunken/passed out friend home... they were fuuucked up


i was thinking... i wonder if God ever thought to himself.. where the fuck did i come from?!""


i wish there was such thing as thunder bugs.. and they emit their thunder seconds after a lightning bug emits their lightning

Here’s my philosophy on dating…

It's important to have: somebody that can make you laugh, somebody you can trust, somebody that you know turns you on.. and it's really, really important that these 3 people dont know eachother

Tiny Human Beings

how fuckin awesome would it be if there were really tiny human beings out in the wild that just ran around and survived on their own hunting bugs or some shit... like im talkin they would be 5 inches tall at the most.. ud always be like, look! a tiny person".. then ud catch it and play with it and feed it cherios "

good weapon idea

Don't lie.. U know that if someone held a febreeze bottle filled with diarrhea to ur face saying to give them ur wallet u would hand that shit over for surrrrrre.. Fuck that shit


Thank god cops can't smell fear... cuz i'd be in jail by now


Sex was considered a bad thing when i was little but i do it now because i realized its apart of nature. Smoking weed was considered a bad thing when i was little but i do it now because its apart of nature. If only people didn't brain wash you when you were little this whole world would be full of horny stoned nature freaks!


Who else is diggin the new sound effect highdeas has for when u upvote a highdea...? best sound ever!

Deep Thought…

think of the way you act, and how you treat people, and how you deal with certain things, and just your overall personality.... if you were to meet yourself in person... would u want to be your friend? ....i'd fuck the shit out of me