working class stoners..

this is for those of us who wake up before the sun

for those of us whose parents don’t pay for our phones, gas, clothes, insurance and all that

those who can’t afford to buy 100 dollar quarters of kush every weed so we smoke regs instead and goods once or twice a month

for those of us who only make 10 bucks an hour and work 40 hours a week one week and are out of work the next

for those of us who have macgyver style pipes and bowls instead of expensive glass

for those of us who can’t wait til payday to get a big sack of weed and watch the weekend float by not even thinking about monday
for those of us who have to go to bed by 11 if they want more than a few hours sleep

for my homies in hardhats, steel toes from 7-3 then nikes and gym shorts the rest of the day, this one is for you

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