Why Marijuana and Psychedelics are schedule 1 drugs.

Anyone else find it odd that drugs that people claim to be eye-opening are the most illegal. Marijuana, mushrooms, dmt, etc. make you realize that things like TV, school, etc. are really just put there to put you into the never ending cycle of Work, Consume, Buy, Die because our government finds that way most sufficient to expand the profit for themselves. For instance, do you think the government finds people that are artists as productive members of society? Nope, and what do many artists find as useful tools to see past barriers to bring art from their mind to the minds of others.. DRUGS! 🙂 So friends, continue to disobey and maybe one day we can push towards a society of equals working together to produce technology to actually make the world better, instead of just making their own wallets fatter.
I’m about to cry and this took me like 40 minutes to write.

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