to the lawmakers of the USA…

i’ve overdosed on heroin twice.
i’ve been in 2 car accidents under the influence of drugs.
1 on cocaine, 1 while drunk.
I’ve run through my neighbor’s yards’ naked while on mushrooms (seriously)

On marijuana, i’ve eaten probably $100,000 in fast food thus contributing to this countries taxes.

I watch about 20 hours of TV/movies a week, giving broadcasting companies/film companies good ratings.

and last but not least i cant even begin to estimate how much of my money goes towards purchasing marijuana (legally, in a dispensary). Thousands of potential tax dollars the government has missed. and thats just from me… so i guess the big question is why are we criminalizing marijuana just as much as harder drugs?

PS, im 2 years clean from all the other shit. thanks to weed 😀

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