Theres No Words That Can Describe This Moment…

So I go outside to have a smoke(some hempstar), I walk down the street and stared to smoke. After a couple hits I thought of a great idea. To Blaze a joint tomorrow in memory of my dad. He died 11 years ago tomorrow(which is actually the same day my mom and dad got married). So im walking back to the apartment thinking about my dad, smoking the joint, finishing it in the middle of crossing the street, when i saw something red in the sky floating down. When walking to the door I passed an area that has flowers, and rose bushes and stuff, since it was winter it was basically just two far apart twigs, and it was sorta windy. In the gap between the twigs i see a balloon twirling in the sky, and it was in the shape of a hart. And at that moment i felt something, and i knew it was my dad…I just stood there for i dont know how long, just feelin like being there with my pops (I think thats what I might have called him now, pops). I took some pictures with my phone, then went up staires, I live on the very first floor, so you could see the balloon threw the window. As i get inside, I take off my shoes, walk a bit and hear a loud POP, the balloon popped…. I am so glad i was able to experince this moment… I miss you Pops <3

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