Natural Drugs Were put on this earth for a reason

I know this is long, but bare with me. I was watching a youtube video that claimed that all philosophical and inspirational ideas are drug induced. and that got me thinking….natural drugs were put on this earth for a reason. There are those people in the world who’s mind just bends towards creative and psychological thinking. whenever a person like this does drugs it unlocks a world of thoughts and ideas. Drugs like weed and shrooms must have been created in order to get those creative thinking people to unlock their brains and come up with some revolutionary ideas! People are supposed to do drugs in order to invent amazing things. Long ago in the times of tribes and ancient peoples, shamans and medicine men/women did drugs…and they were worshipped for their knowledge and advice! Today, people who do drugs are looked down upon. Our social status has gone so far down and it’s depressing.

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