My Cat Sold Me Out

A few days ago, late at night, I decided to smoke some weed. But since it was cold out I decided to go out, smoke a bowl, then go back inside to pack another one. It was working fine, but my indoor cat kept trying to escape every time I would go outside to smoke. Each time she got close I’d push her away with my foot. The 5th time I was going out, my cat nearly made it.

I shut the door, lit the bowl, and blew smoke at the window where my cat’s face was. She kinda stared back, pissed off at me. After I was done, I went into my basement to listen to music. Apparently my mom came downstairs for water during this time and noticed the basement light was on. My mom came downstairs to find me listening to music with my bowl besides me. Needless to say I got in trouble. After some screaming back and forth, and everything had calmed down a little bit, I asked her how she woke up anyway. She told me my cat went into her room, woke her up by climbing on her face and bothering the hell out of her so she came downstairs to get a drink of water. She saw the basement light was on and busted me.

Moral of the story: let my cat in on the action next time.

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