Life is a mystery. Everyone who has ever lived had one. So many different thoughts and perspectives have been contained to this tiny little speck in the vastness that is our universe. Our existence is one of great intrigue. The only reason we have any comfort is due to the generations before us coming up with acceptable answers, systems and labels for things. That’s all a human does. Experience something then form an opinion, everything we do had to be done by someone else first. That is insane to me. The amount of technology that is behind everything we do is credited back in history because without A, we wouldn’t have B. Marijuana has been a constant fixture throughout the history of mankind. So food, water, sleep, sex, weed, language, art, music and work have been constants throughout history. Any one that tries to govern anyone else is in serious violation of civil rights in my opinion. I wish the world had a better beginning, one where we would have just stayed content, didn’t strive to make everything so perfect because nothing is. It just is. I want to be able to enjoy a flower that activates receptors in my mind, that allows for me to flow naturally, for me to appreciate the energy of life rather than sit in a classroom to land a job to make money to buy a house i can die in and hopefully have enough saved for a funeral. No thanks, I want to save money, buy a one way ticket to some undeveloped country and live in the forest. Build my own life. Live off the land. I’m sick of being caged up and held up to all these expectations, like anyone gives a fuck what I do. There are 8 billion of us. Why should I try to impress anyone? I’m just saying, life was meant to be lived, for you and only you.

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