Imagine for me, if you will…

A world where weed had been more popular in western culture than alcohol:

A world where you’d go to bars filled with hookahs and blunts, laughing people, and clouds of smoke.

A world where the president would ask a Harvard professor and a cop to come over and smoke a J, rather than have a beer.

A world where you could get held up at an airport, and instead of sitting at an empty bar you could go to a room where you could get high and let the time fly away.

A world where you wouldn’t have to risk opiate addiction after having your wisdom teeth removed.

A world where people wouldn’t get arrested after getting wasted and running down pedestrians, but would instead get arrested for getting blazed and driving 20 under the speed limit.

A world where a long night out would end with a stupid smile instead of an emptied stomach and a guilty conscience.

A world where a guy having a rough day would pull out a one-hitter from his jacket instead of a flask.

A world where over-indulgent parents and spouses would be apathetic rather than abusive.

A world where you’d see cardboard roaches on the side of the road instead of metal cans and glass bottles.

A world where cannabis was as plentiful as dandilions instead of being as rare as gold.

A world where ‘that stupid thing you did last night’ was eat Cheerios and giggle incessantly.

A world where…

well, you tell me.

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