How I Feel About Smoking and Getting High

When I smoke it’s not about getting fucked up. It’s more about enjoying the experience. I don’t need to smoke ridiculous amounts of weed to be happy, just enough to be high. I actually think smoking a LOT is kind of a waste (of course there are exceptions for special occasions). Anyway, I see a lot of people treating weed the same as alcohol (not that you can’t drink alcohol casually). They think of it as just another drug. They want to go out and party and get fucked up. When I first started smoking I guess I kind of felt this way too. But I feel like I’ve matured since then. When I smoke it’s because I love the philosophical insights I have. I love how food tastes. I love how music sounds. I love how everything seems funnier. I love the feeling of happiness that overtakes my body and mind. I feel like this is the way weed is supposed to be used. It’s really a great experience that has greatly improved my entire life. I feel like one of the reasons its looked down upon is because so many people treat it as just another way to get fucked up… but cannabis is so much more than that, and I only hope people can start to realize this and appreciate weed for more than just getting fucked up.

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