Gratitude for a soldier

I know a soldier by the name of Ssgt. James Marshall. He recently returned from his 3rd tour of duty along with a purple heart award and 7 AK47 wounds. 2 in each arm, along with severe fractures and 3 in the stomach. Well earlier today a cop pulled him over for a busted headlight as he was smoking a j. So this cop asks James if he was smoking marijuana in the car. He says yes as he’s being arrested for possesion of marijuana. When he gets to jail they strip search him and see all these horrible scars on his chest and arms. When they ask him what happened he told them that he and his squad were ambushed in Afghanistan. He told the arresting officer that’s why he was smoking weed. He told him it helped with the severe PTSD and pain he feels everyday. I shit you not, this cop released him from custody , got his car back for him and apologized and set him on his way. I would like to personally thank officer Joseph Collins for his actions that day. Good to know some cops really know what’s up….

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