Author: uzumaki42

Hiding place

Every few months I like to change where I hide all my stuff, keep it random. Last night after smoking in the basement, I decided to move it all back to my room. This morning, my mom decided, after years and years, to clean the basement. Guess where she started cleaning first? Now that's what I call intuition!

behind your back

Technically, your back is facing away from your front. So for someone to talk behind your back" they would be in front of you. Your back's back is your front!"

Wasting money?

so my mom is always bitching at me because she thinks spending money on pot is just tossing it down the drain. And yet she keeps stealing my pipes, forcing me to buy new ones...

Lighters theory

Do different colored lighters have different personalities? Like if one color seems to be good luck and another may last longer.