Author: TunnelPipes


Is there anyone that turns on the shower while in it? didnt think so

High love

Sometimes when i go to bed high, i like to sleep with a pillow to side with my arm over it and pretend its someone i like.

Tv boobs

Im so high, im watching a movie where there's a naked chick but the camera is zoomed in at her head so you can only see top of the cleavage. so i stood above my tv and tried to look down to see if i could see some nip

Facebook orgasm

That little red square with the number of notifications is like a mini orgasm... and the higher the number in that sqaure.. the better that mini orgasm.

Real life bambi….

So we have this little deer that walks around my yard all day long and we feed it... one day we let him in the porch and he just chilled there while i was high. It was so cool, it just laid down (or whatever its called when they cross their legs n sit...) The porch is a new wood furnish and it tried to stand up and slipped into a split JUST LIKE BAMBI ... no homo it was the cutest thing ever...