Author: TheDarkLord


I wish Highdeas had a button next to each post so it could be read to me, because sometimes I'm just to blitzed to be able to read without all of the words blurring together.


When I graduate from college and buy a house of my own I definitely want my bedroom to have a balcony, hopefully overlooking a city or have some amazing view. I would blaze there every night before I go to bed.

Another Reason Weed Should Be Decriminalized,

I had a really bad headache all day, smoked one bowl after school and my headache was magically gone. Weed should be legalized because it cures headaches, we can use this, someone can overdose on aspirin and that is impossible with weed. Just one more reason, add that one up to the big board.

The Best Highdea Ever?

It is well known that the forefathers of the United States smoked and cultivated hemp, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. The United States itself was probably a HighDea!!


I bet it would be chill to smoke up in space and look down at the Earth, the moon, other planets, and other astrological phenomena. That would be sick.


I love how I can get blazed whenever I want and not have to deal with parents!