Author: Snap_that_bowl

Mr neighbor man

I just moved into a new house and I was pouring out my bong water out in the backyard (not smart), and I notice my neighbor looking at me through his window, he looked pissed and i thought he was gonna call the cops. I look down to get the last drops out of my bong and next thing I know hes outside in his backyard... pouring out his bong water..

My Boss

So before work today I blazed in my car because I knew it was gonna be a boring ass day, lunch rolls around and my boss wants to go to lunch and asks me to drive. We get in the car and he immediately recognized the smell. He gets out without saying a word and slams the door shut. At this point I thought I was totally boned, next thing I know he gets back in my car holding a blunt, he looks at me and lights it up. Im never quitting... ever...