Author: Smokeherb

The Stoner Map

I think that some stoner should make a detailed map of the world, and instead of putting in time zones and whatnot, put in the average price of an eighth there. That way, you can plan out vacations or road trips or whatever depending on how cheap the weed was in each area. This sounded like a good idea to me, add on in the comments if you think something else would be cool

Late night rockin

i love being up really late when my parents are asleep. I know i can get ripped as fuck and reek of weed and be totally free. To all those stoners with lame parents, blaze all night


Man, turtles are so fucking awesome. i mean, they are born WITH A SHELL ON THEIR BACK. i wish i was a turtle so i could curl up in my shell and hotbox the SHIT outta that