Author: shay

drugging people

I see a lot of highdeas about people making pot brownies/tea whatever and then giving them to unknowing people (like their parents or teachers) That seriously bugs me. We all want to be respected in our choices, I want to to smoke and not be judged, and these people you're drugging (yes, drugging) have made the choice that they DON'T want to use marijuana. When you slip marijuana to an unsuspecting person, all you do is perpetuate negative stereotypes. Cmonnnn. Let's be mature.

News program with only happy stuff

So I'm sick in bed watching the news and its so depressing. In my college Global class we learned about how because of the technology age, news programs are constantly reporting on the BAD stuff and that world violence is actually very low compared to the last 50 or so years. it just doesnt seem like it because we're constantly bombarded with horrible stories so they need to make a news program specifically for the GOOD STUFF! only heartwarming stories of people helping others, heroic stories, charities and all the good stuff that's going on in the world

i wonder

I wonder what it must be like to be a law abiding citizen whose heart doesn't skip a best when they see a cop car

i hate it when

You're stoned and really comfortable in bed ready to pass out but then you realize you have to pee really bad