Author: PeachOptimo

Your last hit

Okay, so am I the only one who thinks this to themselves before deciding the next hit i take is going to be the last hit of a session? Wow I'm really high...I'll take one more hit just to be sure though""

Marijuana Field Sobriety Test

Okay, so if marijuana becomes legal in California, do you think they would develop a field sobriety test for people that get pulled over and are suspected of driving high? Instead of the cop having you balance on one leg and walk in a straight line, they would off you a gift card to Taco Bell worth $50 and judge the level of your happiness/excitement. If it exceeds a certain point, you are most likely high as balls.

the show Dirty Jobs

The show Dirty Jobs should have a prostitute episode. That is truly a very dirty job. Can you imagine a hooker explaining and performing her job for Mike Rowe (the host guy)? And then he has to try it out too, right? Because that's how the show works.