Author: o0murdah0o


every single boyfriend i've had has had some sort of problem with me smoking pot... and the guys that i smoke with think i'm just one of the guys. i need to get me a man who appreciates the green as much as me, and will appreciate it with me, day in and day out. lol. where is the love? (i'm not sure why i posted this, seeing as every guy on here either wants a stoner chick, or has, i guess i'm just venting because i live in a small ass town, with no real potential of ever finding my very own stoner guy.) on a different note, love you guys. ;)

i’ll never grow up…

here i am, a 23 yr old female, stoned, sitting in front of my computer, laughing (out loud, literally) at the most random (and stupid) things, watching tom and jerry, and eating a lunchable. and, lemme tell you...its pretty amazing. ;)

Dear Officer Asshole,

i know you thought you had caught me, seeing as you were pretty cocky when asking me if i had anything illegal in the car. you see, while i was under the influence of marijuana, i thought it would be a great idea to put all my pot and my pipe in my glovebox and lock it, because i am aware of the law, and you cannot properly search my vehicle as well as you'd like if you have to have a warrant to open my glovebox...i felt a little embarrassed for you, because i noticed you trying to tug and pull on the latch for fifteen minutes. and it takes a big man to not even ask why it was locked or if i could unlock it. lol. you make me laugh. and fyi, i had to load a bowl as soon as i pulled away, because you startled the shit out of me...