Author: Nuggs

The Visitor

This hits not for you It's for the kid at home, who checks out highdeas all the time, but never signs up. This hits for the kid that doesn't have an upvote or downvote option. Either he laughs, or moves on. I feel like he doesn't get acknowledged enough.

Really Hope Not

I really hope when weed becomes legal Marlboro, Newport and other tobacco companys don't fuck with the herb to make it unhealthy and cancer causing. weed is safe, please keep it that way.


I couldn't find the intersection my dealer told me to meet him. So, I asked a cop for directions to pick up mary jane :) Thanks for helping me get my herbs, piggies :)

100% THC

So a vaporizer gives you about 70-85% of THC per hit. Let's make something to get 100%. C'mon guys, we got this.

Weed Strain Facts:

AK-47: 65% Indica 35% Sativa Fact: Known as the 'One Hit Wonder' Smell: Citrus THC: 15-20% Effect: Cerebral Taste: Piney Grand Daddy Purple: 100% Indica Fact: Grown in the hills of N. California Smell: Grape Tinge THC: 20% Effect: Alertness Taste: Sweet Grape Sour Diesel: 90% Sativa 10% Indica Fact: Originated on the East Coast Smell: Sweet Skunk THC: 20% Effect Exhilarating Taste: Lemony White Rhino: 70% Indica 30% Sativa Fact: Great bong weed/hybrid strain of White Widow & North American Smell: Gym Stench THC: 15-20% Effect: Heavy Stone Taste: Sweet ...because I know you've been curious about it you're welcome :)

Think About It

If everything in the world didn't happen EXACTLY the way it did, you wouldn't be here.

THC Calculating Piece

Imagine a piece, like a bong, or bowl. What if it could detect and calculate how much THC your taking in after each hit.

Reasons To Smoke

Monday - Cause no one likes monday Tuesday - TOASTY TUESDAYS SMOKE SESSION Wednesday - Half of the weeks over, light a blunt Thursday - Celebration for the weekend Friday - Duh, who doesnt smoke on friday? Saturday - It's the weekend, dude Sunday - Recovery from the weekend So, theres nothing wrong with burning everyday :)