Author: Mr.Tater

Karma error…

Maybe its just my computer but does it ever tell you guys Karma error when you click to upvote? It does it to me all the what the crap is that about, like did karma really just fuck someone out of an upvote or what..

Texting to myself…

So you know how when things get awkward (especially when your really baked)its easy to pull out your phone and start texting? Well do you ever have it where you text everyone, i mean everyone and no one responds? Well if your still with me, im so gunna start texting myself and giving instructions on what to do next just so i don't feel stupid...

10 ways to tell if your a stoner..

Have you ever wondered if you are considered a stoner or just a smoker? If so here are ten things that may help you decide, 1. If you have mastered driving with your knees while you pack your bowl, you may be a stoner. 2. If you never leave the house without a piece, lighter, and a bowl stirrer you may be a stoner. 3. If the workers at your local fast food restaurant know you by name, you might be a stoner. 4. If your bedroom has numerous half empty glasses of water sitting by the bed, you might be a stoner. 5. If you have ever spent more than 15 minutes scraping your pieces to make 1 bowl, you might be a stoner 6. If your car has all the essentials to live in, you might be a stoner. 7. If the only time you play call of duty is while your blazed, and you play COD everyday, your probably a stoner. 8. If highdeas is your second most opened page only trumped by facebook, your probably a stoner. 9. If you live in Cali, your probably a stoner. 10. And last but not least, if you have come to the realization that hops, are a far in-superior to buds, you my friend are a stoner. smoking ganja isnt a phase its a lifestyle, and im not sure about you but its the best lifestyle i can imagine. thanks for reading =]


Ya know how they are oddly shaped, well try giving one to your cat sometime, but make sure the bend is more convex then concave, its pretty funny to watch, they have a hard time figuring out how to eat it, at least mine did took him a while an i got a good laugh at him, its payback for shitting on my floor. At the same time maybe i just have a retarded cat who knows. haha

A bowl of Lego’s

I was just thinking,and wouldnt it be bad ass to make a bowl out of legos? It brings you back to your childhood, you can make it look however you want, and if your about to get caught....drop it.

Now thats a Dealer…

Every morning i wake up around 10, make my way out to my barn and i pack my gravity bong once or twice and get real ripped. Well yesterday after completing my morning ritual i had to call up my dealer to try score a quarter of chronic. To my instant relief he picked up and said we could meet now, thats always a score for me because he has his days were i don't get answered until late, or even at all. So i quickly made my way to my rear wheel drive hatch back, and was bewildered when i found myself to be stuck in my own driveway cause of snow. At first i figured it was no big deal, i always get out...not today. After rocking the car by trusting it from R-D numerous times and even trying in neutral i had no success. So i had one more plan before giving up on my weed. I jumped into my moms car and tried to push it out, (i couldn't just take that instead because its water pump leaks too much coolant)i even tried to pull it out but when i went to back up to attach the strap i got distracted...prolly case i was baked, and couldn't find the brake pedal so i ended up ramming my moms car into mine. Awesome. At this point i had given up on getting my weed, and figured its probably going to be a bad day. So i called up my dealer and told him my situation. Within 10 minutes that guy had arrived at my house with a quarter of dank chronic split up into 8ths each a different strain, charged me 10$ less than usual for each 8th, and helped me to get my car unstuck. Now thats a dealer, this next bowl is for him.

Im 1-20..

Out of the 20 highdeas i've submitted only 1 is published...if this were Call of Duty my team would hate me

Dear Walmart,

Its time to invest in some new carts..i come in once a week and have yet to find one cart that does not have a wobbly wheel, that shits getting old fast... Sincerely, The guy who borrows a pair of sun glasses upon entering.

So you can pretty much find anything online right, toys, cars, education, a wife, so why cant you find weed? Wouldn't it be bad ass to get online to a site that has a list of dealers on it, could call it and order up some dank?