Author: mr.bowljangles

When looking at

the votes for a popular highdea (yours or mine) the down votes never bother me, because we all know that a bit of red in all that green isn't a bad thing..

My mom

Do you smell skunk? I swear it smells like skunk upstairs. -gotta love her:)

So, uh, Yoinkie

you must smile EVERY time you get on highDEAS. wether its laughing at someother person's highdea or reading some extremely nice comment on one of your own.[or your just stoned:)] keep doing what you do

I’m seriously starting to wonder..

Who upvotes when they see a highdea at 420? Like i feel as though if we were all really fucking stoned no highdea wuld ever beable to get more than 420 votes, no one culd bring themselves to do it. After all it's not about the upvotes right? Id rather have all my popular highdeas at 420 than 786.

It’s emabarrassing but you secretly love it.

Okay, so you get really high with all your friends and everyones just sitting there being all chill, talking, playing Black Ops, whatever, and then you make like a small joke thats pretty funny and everyone laughs. but when they stop laughing and continue the conversation your still choking on your smiles because you just keep elaborating on it in your mind and once you think about it you realize how deeply accurate your comment was. And your mind is like, blown, and your still fucking laughing. and then you suddenly get distracted by the tv but are STILL letting out tiny giggles every 30 seconds because in those 5 minutes youv made it a habit. and then everyone else is like what the fuck is so funny dude?" and all you can reply is "i dont know man" cuz honestly you dont remember."