Author: mcflyhigh23

Why are firetrucks red?

There's four wheels in the front, and eight wheels in the back. Four plus eight is twelve. There's 12 inches in a foot. A foot is a ruler. A ruler is Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth is a boat. A boat floats in the sea. There are fish in the sea. Fish have fins. The fins fought the Russians, and the Russians are red. That is why Fire trucks are red.

is it just me

or when you read a highdea and your high as fuck you read the words but your not puting them together in a sentence kind of like if your jus reading random words but when you hear notice that you zoned out or you all of sudden notice something interesting in the highdea your like wait whaat ?" then you go up again to read what you miss or jus read the whole thing again"

my room

is my favorite place to be in the world i go there to sleep to eat to change to smoke to drink to fuck to play video games to watch tv to kick it to calm down to listen to music ive even pissed out my window my room is my sanctuary simple as that for your simple ass