Author: longcat

highDEAS are like farts

You should never try and make them happen. You should allow them to come naturally and surprise everyone in the fucking room!

The forgotten non-smokers

Alot of highDEAS go out to hating on people for not respecting our smoking habits, but how's about to the non-smokers who DO respect our love for weed? I propose a toke to all the non-smokers that (really) don't mind if their friends smoke and don't prefer" them stoned or sober. We love you guys aswell!"

Acting Sober

When you're slightly drunk, acting sober isn't actually that hard. But when you're slightly stoned, acting sober becomes the biggest challenge you've ever had in your life up to that point!

Chink Eye

Apparently the bags of weed in China have a warning notice on them: Warning: May cause temporary blindness""

Play, and loop

I hate when you hear a new song and you can't stop playing it even though you know doing just that will undoubtedly result in you getting bored of the song quicker but you can't help it because it's just an amazing song. As soon as I take another burn, I don't have that problem. Play, and loop.