Author: lilnugget

Let’s Start A Movement!

Highdeas administrators are sensible people, they usually listen to us when we make logical requests. So please, give us a section where we can view upcoming highdeas that are on the brink of popularity, but never got their chance! The one's that slid off the upcoming front page at 15 upvotes and then got stuck there. Give our genius the chance it deserves!! So hey all you people, hey all you people won't you listen to meee? Keep making this site suggestion! And support it every time you see it, man. You know this is what we need.

Man, I Love College

Not because I like to get shitfaced, party every night, and spend all my money on hangovers and then getting drunk again. But because I can sit in my own living room after a long day at class and smoke a fat bowl without any paranoia of being caught. Because I feel more intelligent and in tune with the world than I ever had before. And because I've met the most fabulous fellow stoners who love college for the very same reasons.


There's nothing more liberating than knowledge and true intelligence. (Well, except when you add a little bit o' ganja too :])

Life is too short

Life is too short to spend it with people you don't love. It's too short to be anything but happy. It's too short not to appreciate and admire the world around us. Most importantly, don't let the fear of death keep you from living. Respect to anyone who has ever lost someone close to them.

Personal bowls

For some reason when I smoke a personal bowl, I always get wayy higher than in a group session. I'll smoke 3 bowls between me and a friend and feel pretty stoned. But I load a personal bowl, take one hit, and I'm in space. I usually forget I'm smoking after that too, then get super excited when I find a bowl with just sitting there, almost entirely green still. Ahhh, and I'm already so highh..

Click Remote

Seriously, if I had a remote like the one from click I'd only ever use the pause button. That way I would never stress about anything, literally. I'd always be able to have homework/work done on time, I'd never have to deal with traffic! I could take naps whenever I needed a little rest in the day. Shit would be legit. Just don't be so impatient that you use the fast forward, Adam Sandler!