Author: kush420master

stoner engineering

this is the one of the things that makes stoners above other hard drug users. if we want a lil ganja we'll go through engineering and plans to make an awesome grow box during a dry spell. if theirs a dry spell for heroin, the heroin addicts will sell every last possession they have, including themselves. i dont see cokeheads planting coca plants in their basements or gardens. see? these things are what separate us from them.


i hope one day while i'm old and wise, i'll tell my grandkids that i smoked weed during the war on drugs. it'll blow their little minds.

Cold Box

here in new england we just got a fuckload of snow... 26in to be exact, and i just finished turning all the snow in my front yard into a gigantic igloo, now gonna spark a blunt and hot box it, or as i like to call it, cold boxing

There is this woman…

There is this woman, her name is mary, people judge her, call her bad and scary. She is unaccepted, banned from society, nobody gets addicted, but use her wisely. we hide and run for that little hit, and hide her and protect, because of pop-culture bullshit, society labels us a reject. cops bust down our doors, trying to serve, a stuck up nation, for whom they dont deserve. all for this woman, that is caring and sane, we defend our own, For the great woman I call, Mary Jane.