Author: Kimberry


It's like the 4Loko of foods. There are most probably some ingredients in it that will eventually kill you, but it's so cheap and curiously satisfying; MY PERSONAL FAVORITE STONER SNACK EVER! what's yours? :)

I can’t be the only one who’s ever had this idea…

This morning I woke up at 8 for my wake and bake....& when I came inside, my mom was making our coffee. Has ANYONE ever thought about putting weed in with the coffee grounds & letting it all filter through together to make some DANKKKK coffee? would this actually work? would you drink my dank drank? :D


So I was sitting in my first period the other day- Biology-and we were taking notes on The Cell Cycle. Part of the lesson was uncontrolled cell growth...which forms masses known as tumors and that's basically all cancer is. After discussing it shortly, my teacher pulled up a video about a scientist who, like many others was searching possible ways to cure cancer. He has this theory that the answer to the cure can somehow be tied to the human body, meaning it can somehow be manipiulated to fight off cancer rather than an off-the-wall man made vaccination or the like. He didn't expand on his thought, such as where in the body the answer could be found...but MY imagination picked up his slack..bear with me here. . . Ever since smoking became a regular thing for me, I made sure I was as educated on marijuana as I could be. (Mostly so I could defend it when people look down on me and my choices.) As you [hopefully] know, there is a THC receptor site in the human brain. Many people inquire that we have these receptors because cannabis was put on Earth for our use. I strongly agree, but that day in Biology encouraged me to expand this thought of mine. Marijuana is used for medicinal purposes already-although it just relieves cancer-related pain, not fighting the disease. I think scientists have been overlooking something huge here, though. WHAT IF after studying these receptors in much more depth, they could be manipulated in some way to cure cancer..and if not, possibly hold clues to what WILL cure it. It isn't that far-fetched, really. May credit be given where it need be..that scientist could have the right idea; I respect all who suggest that marijuana was intended for us to smoke, we just never had a legitimate reason why this could be. Could I have made a revolutionary medical discovery while stoned in my 10th grade Biology class? I sure fucking hope so! :) but man, I'll be pissed if I found out that scientists have known all along and the government just kept it from everyone. the thought alone makes me heated.