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White lighters

yes. they are bad luck. no, im not superstitious. no, i dont know how to spell that word. bottom line: dont use white lighters. im just trying to look out for you guys

will you change my oil?

so my buddy works at a car mechanic shop and today we took a car with no engine in it, absolutely nothing under the hood, and took it to the top of a hill. then i put it in neutral and drove/rolled it to the gas station at the bottom of the hill. from there, i asked the guy working if he would check my oil. when he did he was like what the hell??? theres nothing here!!" i walked over and was like "what the fuck did you do with my engine!!!" hahahah"

WOW!!!!! hahaha i really need your comments on this!

SO last year i was at a widespread panic/alman brothers concert, when this man came up to me and my friend and asked to hit the joint. he was about 35 and he was the oldest person id smoked with (i had just started then) so i let him hit the j. later, my buddy took a picture of us standing in the grass, i had a blunt in my hand and he had a j in his mouth, and we both had a beer. Yesterday, i found out that this crazy guy is my HISTORY TEACHER NEXT SEMESTER!!!!! Im sooo pumped!!! is this gonna be awkward? mabye he forgot? idk haha i havent talked to him since we got high as nuts.... (i dont still have the pict of us)

my motto:

take life as it comes in your face and runs down your chin