Author: Just_Blaze


Dogs get happy from the smallest things. Taking a shit, eating kibble, even just being pet makes them happy. I think we can all learn from dogs. To live day by day and not worry about tomorrow, life is good just as it is.

How to get an A on every test

Next time you take a test, go in blown and read every question and answer in your head in Morgan Freeman's voice. It makes it much more interesting and the answer just comes to you...automatic a+

Perception is a crazy thing

You know how when you're in kindergarden 3rd graders seemed so big? And how everyone in your grade never seems to age because they're always the same age as you. It's nuts how who we perceive as young/old and perception in general is relative to each person. I see my grandpa as an old guy but in the future I'll be the old guy and someone else will be where I am now. Since time is relative to everyone, doesn't that mean my Grandpa's past is literally my present, and my future is my grandpa's present. Sure, we'll perceive differently having lived in two different eras, but our perception relative to ourselves age-wise is the exact same. Fuckin WOW!

Religion is like…

A penis. If you have one, fine But don't whip it around in public, And don't try to shove it down children's throats


Who else is gettin blazed tonight for halloween? I wish they passed out nick bags of kush instead of candy

Have you ever been so high…

that when lying down on your bed, you can't feel whether your arms are by your side or across your chest, but you dont wanna move because your so comfortable and numb, then ur hands end up being behind ur head. ive been that high

The Weirdest Feeling in the world

The weirdest feeling in the world is when you are walking down (or up) stairs, and you think there is another step without even thinking about it, and when you move your foot in motion to take another step and there isn't it's like WOAH" as soon as you land. u guys know what im sayin?"

Nocturnal Stoners

To all the stoners that cherish the night time & love gettin blazed during after hours when you're the only one awake and you can chill and do whatever you want. this blunts for you

Weed has changed my life for the better

Ever since I've started smoking weed, my whole perspective on life has changed. I've become a more philosophical and open minded individual. I've expanded my mind to levels I never thought were possible. I notice things that would have otherwise never occured to me. I understand the impossible set of circumstances it took for me to even exist. I, the lone sperm survivor of over 500 million in the race to my mother's egg. It's a humbling thought. And most importantly, I've realized what life is all about. We aren't going to live forever, and once we're dead, we're dead for good. So enjoy your life. Live without regrets. Thank you mary jane, for opening up my eyes and allowing me to become the insightful person I am today. I know there are lots of other smokers out there reading this who feel the same way I do.

Hypothetical Mental Arguments?

In your head have you ever thought of what someone would respond to something you say, then respond back and have a hypothetical conversation with someone in your head??

being super baked

You know when you zone out for like 20 mins. then for 5 seconds you become completely sober and think holy fuck i am so high..." then you proceed to zone out some more"