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Funny moment..

have you ever lost something so then you stood up and tried looking for it and then after 5 mins you stop and wonder what the fuck was i looking for in the first place""

My Day

My day is going to be something like this: can i have your order?" Me: "EVERYTHING ON THE DOLLAR MENU!"....well im off to mcdonalds with 20$ and a dream"

Upvote if you hate this guy..

Henry J. Anslinger-The man who outlawed marijuana using fear, lies, and racial slander. He told everyone anyone who smoked marijuana is a criminal and it should be illegal because people who smoke marijuana are more likely to kill other people. After he made t.v shows of how marijuana is bad he encourage congress men to make the plant illegal in the 1930s..If it wasn't for him we would all smoke in peace, thanks asshole

Dear little brother,

i love you to death but id appreciate it you knock once before you enter my room screaming in MY SQUIRTLE EVOLVED!" while im really scare the shit out of me "