Author: JakeSack

Not Gonna Lie

I've copied some great Highdeas and made them my facebook status. Those sober kids need to hear what's up.


Does anyone else fill in the Tags" portion of the HighDea with absolute nonsense? "

Pizza Disaster

I was so high I cooked my pizza with the plastic wrap still on... My friend was even higher and didn't notice, and tried to eat it. The moral of the story is, nothing.

Hot Women Dominate

If a hot girl accidentally messed up your order at a restaurant would you get mad at her? No. If a hot girl cut you in line at the movies would you get angry? No. If a hot girl torched the bowl would you get pissed? No. Guys are suckers for sexy women, and we allow them to get away with things that uglier girls don't. That's the honest truth.

Synchronized Lights

Do you ever sit at a stoplight with your turn signal on, and try and see if the car in front's signal is timed perfectly with yours?


Stoners have a lame rep as dirty grimy clueless kids who have no motivation. Cheers to all my fellow stonebags who are surprisingly clean, know how to act in public, and get decent grades. Fuck the stereotype, we're all different.

Scantron Tests

Does anyone else get super paranoid when they notice a pattern forming on their scantrons?


We know more about other animals than those animals know about themselves.

We’ve all done it, I just did it.

Sat in my room staring at nothing thinking about the most ridiculous imaginative shit on earth, then snapped out of it. I will never remember what I was just thinking about.

Mystery High

If you fell asleep sober, then UNKNOWINGLY directly breathed in thc smoke while sleeping, would you know you were high when you woke up?