Author: J0HNZ1LL4


Don't you love it when you are listening to music and AS IF PERFECTLY TIMED something happens exactly with the beat? It feels like you're in a movie.


I am in the process of making an igloo so I can bake it out, everybody is welcome!


For those dealing out there, DON'T rip people off DO be a little generous DON'T show up an hour after you say you're getting here DO tell people if you are gonna be late DON'T lie about the quality of the bud DO keep your customers posted with what kinda bud and how much DON'T BE A DICK, I know you are sellin' the Herb, but seriously, it's better for you and your clients if you aren't. DO recommend music :) Anything else?

Two words

REFRIDGERATED POCKETS you could walk around with ice cream sandwiches and beer and stuff... And it would stay cold!


If the snooze button could fight back, a lot less people would hit it.