Author: in_lakech

I bet

that you'd MUCH rather get an upvote than a facebook notifcation. amirite?

my stomach has a lot to say today

I hate when my stomach grumbles really loud in class. I always inconspicuously look around to check if anyone heard it. I swear sometimes it seems like the whole room HAD to have heard, but no one is looking..

words, man.

We use words to define words. I'm mind-fucked. I wonder what the first word was.. and how it managed to spread to everyone. I'm going to look up words" in the dictionary now."

Yin Yang Bowl

Waiting for my boyfriend to get off in an hour, I pack a bowl. I decide I only need a hit or two, and I'll save the rest for when he gets here. I hit the bowl twice making sure only to light half the bowl. Now I'm sitting here with a half black half green bowl, and I decide to move a little bit of the ash onto the green side and pick up a tiny piece of green bud and put it on the black side so he comes home to a little yin yang bowl.