Author: GanjaZebra

Pre high-high

Ive started to notice that right after i know im about to get high i get a natural high just from the excitement... and then I get so much higher.

Just got busted for marijuana possesion at school

And I'm fucked. Sadly, this will ruin my chances of getting into college. If only they realized that I got high before a class that I always get high before, and coincidentally I have and A in that class. If only they realized that this year, the year I've been smoking more than ever, is the year that I've gotten the best grades of my life. I thank marijuana for this, but sadly the fact that it's illegal has lead our schools to view it in such a horrible way. I'm about to smoke my last bowl for a veryy long time, since ill be drug tested and such, but this last bowl goes out to everyone who has been caught and realized how fucked up this system is.

artists who smoke weed

I think artists that smoke weed shouldn't be punished for smoking weed, it makes them better at what they do, being creative. Stoners can always come up with the most creative ideas, just look at this website.


i feel like stoners are always stoners, even before they start smoking weed. like, i always seemed kinda like a stoner even when i didn't smoke.