Author: chicago0714

Dear Mr Night Shift Ihop Waiter,

Me and my friends would like to thank you for your patience. Every weekend we come in late at night and high as hell, but you never seem to mind and even seem mildly entertained. You even help us order on occasion. We love you and can't wait to see you this weekend Sincerely, Your neighborhood stoners

Cold Blanket

They need to invent a blanket that somehow cool you down instead of keeping you warm, because sometimes I want to be colder, but i still want to be covered by a blanket

Statistics Time

40% of all murders (nearly 7,000 cases), 55% of all assualts, and 60% of all rapes go unsolved every year. Do you think its because the police have to waste their time arresting 850,000 marijuana users a year? I do. Legalize it.