Author: Captain_J-Rad

To the person..

Who left the bag of weed and a buncha change that i found under their chair while cleaning theater 4 of Patriot Cinemas in Hanover, thank you very much. Whether you meant to leave it there or just stood up and everything fell out of your lap, that was exactly what I needed after a long day of work, thank you I hope you enjoyed Toy Story 3! PS. This is pretty bomb headies, I would like the name and number of your dealer :)-~ PPS. Im sorry I smoked all your weed, I didnt know how to give it back to you


Tickling is such a weird adaptation if you think about it. I mean why did we evolve these places where we instantly break out in laughter and squirm uncontrollably when touched there also its a weird word.. tickle. tickle. tickle. tickle. tickle.. :)-~

There needs to be a website where you can just type in the ingredients you have in your fridge and itll give you mad delicious recipes for snacks and munchies. :)-~


I wonder how many trees owe their existance to forgetful squirrels who didn't remember where they burried that acorn


I was outside my dorm smoking a joint the other night and a kid walks by and asks if I have a cig he can have, and i was like 'nah i dont smoke cigs.' and he looked REALLY confused as he walked away

Dear Squirrels,

Do not be afraid! I will not hurt you! When you see me, you don't have to stop your squirrelly activities and you dont have to stay still frozen in fear. I'm just a stoner all I want to do is hang out with you, and if you would like you can stay with me in my house and I'll feed you and keep you warm. My squirrelly friends do not run from me, I'm the good guy